The relevance of distance-learning today

Distance-learning courses are becoming more and more popular. The increasing participant numbers demonstrate this.

Students must consider the time investment required for a distance-learning programme properly in advance. Even though most students know that there is time-consuming work involved in undertaking a distance-learning course, many people still decide to take advantage of this opportunity to gain further education.

Alongside opportunities for professional advancement and the associated higher earning prospects, there are several other good reasons for undertaking this kind of study. Today in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond, a good job and a high salary are becoming ever more important in order to  sustain a high standard of living and to cover the rising costs of living.

In addition, a single salary within a marriage or a partnership is often no longer sufficient to feed your family without financial worries. This explains the increasing role of distance-learning, both in the German-speaking countries and internationally. Often people aiming for a higher salary and wanting to gain further education have no alternative to distance-learning. Distance-learning is also very important for professionally active people who want or need to change career paths.

On the other hand, it is not only older and professionally active people who choose to work towards a distance learning qualification. Young people too face the increasing demands from employers towards candidates for jobs. Employers look for young candidates who are nonetheless well qualified. So more and more young people are starting a course of study alongside school.