Study Values

  1. Life-long learning is not only a requirement for surviving in our dynamic world. It is also healthy and necessary for anyone who seeks maturity, responsibility and competence, and wants to be economically and socially active and responsible.

  2. Since life-long learning is always only possible in parallel to the central aspects of life – family and work – a further education programme has to be designed in such a way that it is family-friendly and fits in with a career.

  3. With this in mind, tutorial-guided distance-learning is in our view the optimal learning approach for further education programmes. The participants can be professionally active or raise children with the highest possible flexibility in terms of time and place.

  4. In undertaking studies, our students invest time, money and effort in their own human capital, which will profit them throughout their lives. This profit ideally manifests itself not only in the form of a higher income, but also in personal growth and a higher quality of life.

  5. Our society needs people who learn constantly because as a Western European country with an ageing and shrinking population, in combination with comparatively high labour costs, our productivity and innovation have to grow in order for us to keep pace globally with countries with a younger and growing population that are also cheaper.

  6. We aim to offer our students optimal support. With us, students are not numbers – they have names. Communicating on an even footing creates a personal relationship with the teaching staff. We support our students in broadening their knowledge and ability. We make full use of the latest teaching methods to optimise this process. We enable our students to complete their studies within the time-frame planned.

  7. We offer the greatest opportunities to choose the content of your studies. This enables our students to specialise in accordance with their individual needs and interests.

  8. In order to meet the demands of today's knowledge society, subject competence and an orientation beyond the subject itself are both necessary. We therefore consider it indispensable that subject education is connected to personal education. Our graduates should be able to present clear arguments in discussions, to solve subject-specific and interpersonal problems holistically and methodically, and to make enduring decisions.

  9. In our view, a further education programme should be based on both theoretical depth and practical orientation in order to join the demands of academic development with the requirements of the labour market and the needs of society. We aim for a constant transfer of knowledge between both spheres.

  10. Drawing on a wide range of academic theories, methods and learning approaches is a central starting point of our work. Complementary or contradictory approaches help us to consider an issue from all sides and stimulate development in understanding.

  11. Our courses are aligned with German and international standards in the relevant subject.

  12. Further education is not a one-way street. The lecturers can also learn from the students. The experiences that our students bring from their professional life can also enrich our work.