Sustainability values

  1. We are committed to the principle of sustainability - and work to maintain a sustainable business operation. In accordance with the Triple Bottom Line, sustainable management involves considering not only the economic perspective but also social and ecological issues. We consider all three spheres as equally important and as intersecting.

  2. As a further education institution we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and participate in society as a corporate citizen. We make our contribution through the further education of mature people and through the creation of new knowledge. We engage in social dialogue when the discussion is related to our areas of competence.

  3. Our employees and freelancers are our most important resource in the provision of our service. We therefore accord them high personal value, and we aim to be an attractive employer to them and to support them in their personal and professional development. Equal treatment of women and men is a matter of fact for us.

  4. Our work is oriented towards the principle of dialogue. This applies equally between participants, lecturers and with the public. Communication takes place between people with different kinds of knowledge, who are however always equals.

  5. We aim to serve as a preferred point of contact for anyone who is looking for informed subject specialists in our areas of expertise. We make a point of engaging in partnership arrangements with other educational establishments, associations and companies.

  6. Ecological responsibility means working efficiently with resources. Even if we naturally use fewer resources as a service provider compared to industry, we can still make an ecological contribution, for example through the use of FSC-certified paper, CO2-neutral delivery or the use of eco-electricity.